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Temporary storage warehouse

When goods and vehicles go through customs clearance, they may need to be placed into temporary storage under customs supervision in the designated facilities. Such goods are kept in the temporary storage warehouse from the day they were handed over to the customs authority till the completion of all  applicable customs procedures.

The working process in our Company is thoroughly thought out to minimize the time during which your goods are kept in a temporary storage warehouse. The employees of the Warehouse Storage Department monitor the schedule applicable to issuance of the required documents, loading/unloading goods, issuance of the customs declaration.

The assistance of our specialists in early working-through all stages of the foreign economic transaction and advance notification services will help you to avoid additional expenses on  storage of goods before they are released by the customs authorities.

When the goods are placed in storage in our temporary storage warehouse, you will be able to conduct their preliminary inspection, sampling and expert examination. The Certification and Appraisal Center of our Company will prepare within the shortest possible time authorization documents required for their customs clearance.