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Bonded (customs) warehouse

This type of storage is very convenient if you are planning to sell the goods, as you can do different operations with them. For example: deconsolidation, making up consignments, grading, packaging, repackaging, marking, marketable appearance improvement, sampling.

All or part of the goods placed under customs treatment at the bonded warehouse can be brought into transactions involving transfer of the title, right to use and (or) to dispose these goods.

Note that imported goods are stored under customs supervision without any charged and payable duties and taxes, safe from any economic policy-related measures during the period of storage. Goods planned for export in compliance with the export customs regulations are stored under customs supervision and are qualified for preferential customs treatment specified in the Customs Code.

You can sell goods from the bonded warehouse and pass all payments on to the ultimate buyer!

This option optimizes your expenses on customs clearance, storage and delivery of production stocks and finished products to the point of sale.  

The storage term applicable to the goods placed into the bonded Warehouse is 3 years.