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Opting for the FEA-consulting services provided by our Company, you will be able to work through the entire process of conducting a foreign economic transaction well in advance and to prepare the set of documents required for customs clearance in Russia.

Organizing foreign economic activities:

  • Development of a legal framework for performing foreign economic operations (purchase and sale, import of in-kind contribution to the authorized capital, renting, leasing, processing, etc.);
  • Drafting foreign trade contracts and other civil contracts and documents.

Customs clearance of goods and vehicles:

  • All-inclusive consulting in customs clearance and control (verbal, by correspondence, onsite);
  • Recommendations for selection, completion and suspension of customs procedures; recommendations for optimum options for customs clearance of goods;
  • Preparation of the set of documents for import/export of goods falling into any categories (including dairy and meat products, wheeled transport, products subject to veterinary and phytosanitary inspection);
  • Preparation of documents for submitting an application for obtaining a qualification decision of the Federal Customs Service of Russia;
  • Review / correcting of technical documentation required for customs clearance of process equipment;
  • Review/correcting of documents pertaining to the non-tariff regulatory measures, bans and restrictions;
  • Review/correcting of supporting and commercial documents;
  • Estimation of expenses related to customs clearance of goods and vehicles;
  • Estimation of the freight charges, choosing the optimum route for cargo transportation.

Expert review of documents, other services:

  • Expert review of your foreign trade contract, commercial documents and permits, documents required for customs clearance;
  • Analysis of accounting documents or customs audit after goods release, prior to the secondary inspection conducted by the customs authority;
  • Verification of the existence of the registered trademark (intellectual property item) in the database of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks and the Customs Intellectual Property Registry;
  • Assistance in confirmation of  actual export of goods and vehicles outside the customs territory of the Customs Union;
  • Legal support and representation of interests in public agencies and courts of all instances.

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