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Professional protection of your interests.

Official Customs representative LLC "Region-Terminal"

Customs clearance (Russia and Customs Union)

Due to our years-long experience, we can reduce the time required for customs clearance to a minimum, without compromising the quality.

The seal of Region-Terminal LLC, our customs representative, is affixed to all customs declarations, thus implying that we share the responsibility with our clients for the information declared to the customs. You can rely on us and we assure you that all the documents will be prepared properly and customs duties will be timely paid.

We provide the following services to customs authority for declaring of goods and vehicles:  

  •  Inspection, preparation and execution of all required documentation for customs clearance, electronic documents work;
  •  Sampling of goods, required for inspection performed by governmental and customs authorities;
  •  Obtaining of approval documents required for customs clearance (certificates, declarations, phyto-, vet-certificates etc.);
  •  Presentation of goods to customs during customs examination;
  •  Provision of customs charges payment;
  •  Provision of personal manager;
  •  Returning of excessively paid customs payments.


GC "Region-Terminal-Center" proposes you to use complex logistic service which includes the following: 

  Safe and timely delivery of cargo to destination;

  Customs clearance of goods with minimum time and material expenditures;

  Receiving of set of certification documents required for customs clearance and products realization. 

If necessary:

  Commercial storage of goods after customs release;

  Storage of goods according to customs procedure "customs warehouse" with customs payments deferment.