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Guarantee of the quality
and safety
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Certification authority LLS “ST-Region”

Certification authority

GC "Region-Terminal-Center" in the person of LLC "ST-Region" provides professional solutions for certification of native and  imported goods.


We perform projects of any difficulty and use the following mechanisms for optimization of our services rendering: 

- short terms of documents obtaining (up to 1 day), allowing to shorten period of customs clearance;

- reduction of total expenses for certification of goods using optimum certification schemes and professional tools;

- control of strict forms and content compliance of certification documents. 

For confirmation of quality and safety of manufactured products and products imported from other countries you can execute and receive the following without any problems: 

  • Customs Union Compliance Certificate; 
  • Declaration of compliance of Customs Union or Technical Regulations of the Russian Federation; 
  • Technical Regulations Compliance Certificate (TR); 
  • State Registration Certificate; 
  • Veterinary health certificate/ veterinary license; 
  • Phytosanitary Certificate/ Certificate of quarantine expertise for realization on the territory of CU; 
  • GOST R Compliance certificate (declaration); 
  • Expert report certifying compliance to unified sanitary requirements; 
  •  Safety Construction Certificate of CU; 
  •  Goods evaluation; 
  •  Approval of vehicle type; 
  •  Fire safety compliance certificate; 
  • Fire safety declaration; 
  • Certificate CT-1, CT-2, shape A; 
  • Certification ISO 9001,14001,18001; 
  • Letters of exemption; 
  • Development and registration of specifications; 
  • Ecological Class Compliance Certificate; 
  • Permission for import of products containing ozone-destroying substances; 
  • Registering of medical products; 
  • Alcohol content report; 
  • Rostekhnadzor permission.