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Industry solutions

We have acquired significant hands-on expertise in freight forwarding and customs processing of products of various industries. We know how to sufficiently handle goods produced by different industry sectors, including production lines and vehicles, food stuff and farm livestock.   

Taking into consideration  preferences of our clients as well as specific nature of logistics services provided for a particular business, specialists of the Company have worked out and optimized integrated logistics solutions for the following industries:

Automobile business

In the context of unstable market situation, automobile companies are focusing their efforts on looking for competitive advantages. In its business operations the Region-Terminal-Center Group of Companies gives its priority attention to improvement of the efficiency of logistics systems used in companies operating in the automotive industry and in their dealership and distribution network.

We help our clients to reduce time and financial expenditure related to logistics through: 

  • optimum organization of cargo transportation in the automobile sector;
  • using advanced technologies in customs clearance;
  • fast preparation of all required authorization documents (approvals of the type of the vehicle, receiving of the vehicle registration certificate, etc.);
  • offering excellent conditions for safe and reliable storage of vehicles, their components and parts.

Agro-industrial complex

The agro-industrial complex is one of the fastest growing economic sectors of the Black Earth Region and south regions in Russia. Logistics plays an important role in making decision on expenditure on production and selling of agricultural products.

The special emphasis in our Company is placed on offering of integrated solutions pertaining to foreign economic transactions involving raw materials and products for crop production and livestock farming, agricultural machinery and equipment, including their components.

Specialists of the Region-Terminal-Center Group of Companies will be happy to provide the following services to companies operating in agro-business:

  • safe delivery of raw materials and products for the agro-industrial complex, including heavy and oversized cargoes, special-purpose machinery as well as production lines and plants for agro-industrial enterprises (dairy factories, sugar mills and refineries, farms, etc.);
  • cargo storage and processing in the Company’s warehouse facilities accredited for receiving and storage of agricultural crop seeds, livestock, meat and dairy products, supplementary feeds, etc.;
  • minimum money and time costs of customs clearance due to hands-on knowledge and vast experience our employees have in the agro-industrial sector;
  • simplified procedure of receiving documents required both for customs clearance and for subsequent sale of goods (veterinary certificates and certificates of fumigation, etc.);
  • the warehouse facilities acting as a distribution center for grading and transportation of agricultural products and raw materials in Russia and the Customs Union.

Food industry

We offer all-inclusive logistics services both to food manufacturers and retailers: 

  • high-quality organization of transportation of food products as well as production lines and units;
  • preparation of required certification documents, including stringent monitoring of accuracy and dates of their preparation;
  • customs clearance of export/import of food products, feed stock, materials and equipment for food industry;
  • warehouse logistics in compliance with the requirements applicable to storage of certain goods (temperature ranges, etc.).


Generally, manufacturers of consumer goods start using services of their foreign partners when the price of imported materials and feed stock is lower than the price of their home-made comparables or when the inner market is not able to offer the required products that would meet certain quality characteristics.

It is important that the cost of this foreign economic transaction should not exceed its admissible maximum because of  unreasonable expenses on the logistics.

the Region-Terminal-Center Group of Companies helps to avoid such situation through the following: 

  • safe transportation of oversize and heavy cargoes delivered on time;
  • preliminary work-through of a foreign economic transaction and estimation of customs charges and fees;
  • fast processing of cargoes in the warehouse and performing customs clearance.

Fixed capital expenditures

When an investor plans to invest money in a project, he estimates all expenses and the time required for implementation of his business idea.

Both for Russian and foreign companies, the amount of expenses on construction and subsequent equipment is of priority importance for assessment of investment attractiveness of the project.

We develop high-quality and the most cost-effective logistics solutions for putting new projects into operation and for upgrading the existing factories: 

  • selection of optimum routes and patterns for transportation, delivery of materials and components, required equipment, special-purpose machinery, etc.;
  • all-inclusive customs clearance of all cargoes imported for construction and reconstruction, upgrading or expansion of the production;
  • reliable warehouse storage of industrial equipment, process lines, etc.