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A foreign sales agent is a trade intermediary company operating in the field of international trade. The conclusion of the transaction through a foreign sales agent allows minimizing risks, both in relation to the import of products and in relation to payment for them.

Terminal-Centre JSC is included in the register of Authorized Economic Operators of the EAEU, which allows us to use special simplifications in the territories of the customs space of the EAEU and the territories of countries that have recognized the AEO institute.

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO): Terminal-Centre JSC

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) is a legal entity that participates in international trade and is recognized by the national customs authority of the Russian Federation as meeting the security standards of the World Customs Organization.

The special status of an AEO gives the company certain advantages that are not available to ordinary participants in foreign economic activity.

A foreign sales agent with the status of an Authorized Economic Operator belongs to the low-risk category, which allows it to use simplified customs clearance processes:

  • Faster passage of cargo across the border (green channel),
  • Automatic issuance of declarations for cargo,
  • Minimizing the likelihood of cargo inspection,
  • Release of goods before filing the declaration,
  • Release of goods without payment security,
  • Excluding security payments for the transit of goods,
  • Carrying out customs operations as a matter of priority,
  • Undergoing customs inspection as a matter of priority,
  • Not establishing a cargo transportation route,
  • Declare it at a customs point other than the actual location.

Clients of Terminal-Centre JSC can count on professional assistance and support on all issues related to foreign economic activity:

  • Elaboration of a strategy for the import of goods:
    • Our specialists will help you choose the optimal delivery and payment ways, taking into account the types and characteristics of cargo.
    • Transport logistics: multimodal transportation, auto delivery (oversized, euro trucks, groupage cargo), direct logistics to Russia, transit through third countries.
    • Payment: euro, dollar, ruble, lira
  • Conclusion of a foreign sales contract on your behalf
  • Conclusion of a foreign sales contract on behalf of our representative office in Turkey.

As part of our services, we can offer our customers a choice of solutions:

  • execution of the Russia-Turkey-EU chain of contracts,
  • purchase of goods through an internal agreement with Terminal-Centre JSC using AEO simplifications.

Customs warehouse of Terminal-Centre JSC is an effective tool to reduce the risks of foreign economic activity

The Customs warehouse procedure is applicable to foreign goods. The main advantages of this customs procedure are: a long (up to 3 years) storage period without payment of customs duties and an expanded list of permitted operations with goods.

It is important to understand that placing goods in a customs warehouse is a synchronous work of a customs representative and a warehouse services operator.

Two components of the customs warehouse: the customs procedure and the warehouse infrastructure itself, make it possible to implement truly unconventional and unique solutions that are not available at a conventional temporary storage warehouse.

The customs warehouse of Terminal-Centre JSC is a multi-purpose distribution complex, which means that the warehouse has not only a standard room, but also an open area. The warehouse can handle and store not only palletized goods, but also large-sized equipment, trucks and cars, construction and agricultural machinery.

Our more than 20 years of experience has proven that a well-configured and applied procedure and functionality of the Customs warehouse gives undeniable advantages in situations where it is required:

  • Bringing a new product to the consumer market of the Russian Federation, studying consumer demand;
  • Work of a non-resident supplier on the Russian market through a Consignment agreement;
  • Change of customs procedure in disputes with customs (avoids fines);
  • Deferral of customs payments;
  • Transfer of rights of possession, use and/or disposal of goods;
  • Storage of goods without the use of non-tariff regulation measures;
  • Marking of goods in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Federation;
  • Splitting the consignment;
  • Preparation of goods for sale and transportation, forming of shipments, sorting, packing, repacking, operations to improve the presentation and other services of the customs warehouse.

Confirmed economic efficiency of the Customs warehouse:

  • Reduction of overhead costs;
  • Commercial mobility: forming of a stock of imported goods in the Russian Federation;
  • Minimization of financial costs, elimination of the situation of “freezing” of funds for payment of customs duties;
  • Optimal cost of storage.

Warranty and 100% reliability:

  • Transit to the customs warehouse;
  • Prompt placement of goods in a customs warehouse;
  • Work with all categories of goods (pallets, oversized, etc.);
  • Necessary conditions for storing goods in a customs warehouse;
  • Accuracy and timing of the operation with the goods;
  • Accounting for goods (1C, SAP);
  • Selection and packaging of goods;
  • Delivery to the final recipient;
  • Control and audit of foreign economic activity operations.
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